"I am nobody, I'm going nowhere. It took some time to get there." This line from the song Flash of Lightnin' is Peter's response when he is asked to talk about himself. However he understands that his background can't help but influence his music.

Peter was born and raised in Eastern Long Island where he absorbed the local culture. But soon he became restless, he made his way to Florida, there he lived in a tree house, that he built on a marsh, in the dead of winter (which in Florida isn't so bad) He spent hours in his tree house writing songs, playing guitar, and a five string banjo that he picked up for 12 dollars at a garage sale. After a winter in the sun he moved to San Francisco and continued to hone his songwriting craft. He lived off the tips of Dueling Banjos and I Saw The Light as the unofficial house band at Ghirardelli Square. After spending his tips in San Francisco he went south to Los Angeles. He spent the time recruiting players for his band all the while searching for his own voice.

Personal tragedy forced him into a deep inner crisis, which can either break a man or leave him forever stronger. He fought the chaos within himself and created "Within" a record where sorrow has been galvanized into a thing of great beauty.

"Beneath the tender blue sky and the warmth of the sun, the things that were never seen filled one with love." With this lyric from his latest album Sterling in the Lowground, Peter had discovered that nature is a great healer. While contemplating the future Peter purchased a 1970 Chevy with an orange cab over camper. He then spent time traveling around the country in this vehicle, which he named the Orange Blossom. From these journeys a new record was born Sterling in the Lowground. The album, which could be described as a walk through nature has been described by No Depression magazine as "mystical yet earthbound." Think of John Muir with a guitar and you'll get a feel for the essence of Peter's latest work.

Peter has inherited the great forms of American music, but has poured into them the passion, and rapt personal speech of his own voice. His is a song of triumph, of love and of compassion for all. His music brings a sense of deep inner strength, a quality of joy and enduring faith in the ultimate victory of the human spirit, while at the same time singing along.

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